Aye so, what is Riso?

Risograph is sort of like photocopying but with the soul of Screen Printing. It can create bright, juicy colours that, because of their translucent nature, can be layered to make a variety of colour combinations. Risograph printers are also very environmentally friendly, using Soy based inks and Banana paper masters which we think makes them even better.

Our printer can print up to A3 so that means you can literally go WILD with your printing dreams. Think posters, business cards, greetings cards, flyers or that zine you’ve always wanted to make.

One thing you should know about Risograph printing is that because of the process of which it prints, it’s rarely 100% accurate so you should always be ready for some off registration. Because the ink also sits on top of the paper rather than being pushed in like an inkjet Riso prints can be a bit more prone to smudging, similar to that of a newspaper, but a good old trust rubber can usually eradicate these marks. We like to think this is all part of it’s charm though and why many people love to use it as it offers a different, some say more handmade outcome than digital printing. Sometimes it’s those ‘Happy Accidents’ which make a piece unique.

Oh and did we mention it’s also a hella lot cheaper than other forms of printing?

If you’re not sold yet, below are some of the ink colours we have to play with. Remember you can use your imagination and layer these to create (almost) endless varieties of colour.

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